Kyoto Coffee table thin


Kyoto Coffee table thin


A hand forged tubular steel base with a burnt oak top


Diameter 95cm x H40cm


Black painted hammered steel

Burnt oak


The Kyoto Coffee table thin is a distinctive and bold design. Its strong, simple and contemporary form make it timeless. It is available in a range of sizes and can be made to bespoke sizes upon request. Due to its simple elegance the Kyoto side table could be paired with different pieces. It transcends popular fashions and is elegantly timeless. 

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The hammered effect used on the metal is based on French furniture from the turn of the 20th century. With this process each Indentation Is an Individual hammer strike. The process Involves the metal being removed bright and glowing from the furnace and is then struck hundreds of times leaving the metal with a beautiful and completely unique texture. The metal frame is then finished in black giving it a hardwearing beautiful but simple elegance.

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Burnt oak 

Each table top is made using the highest quality european oak. To give the wood its distinctive charred black colour the oak is exposed to a intense and hot blue flame which chars the top layer of wood. This technique has been used for centuries by Japenese carpenters as it preserves the wood underneath. The finish gives the wood a beautiful colour while added and a unique texture. Due to the intense heat it has been exposed to In some lights the wood can gain a multicoloured reflection.



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