Kyoto mirror standing with base


Kyoto mirror standing with base


A hand forged metal base with clear mirror


H200cm x W45cm


Black painted hammered steel

Clear mirror


The Kyoto mirror exudes simple elegance. It’s clean bold design lends itself to any room. It is available in a rang of sizes and can be made bespoke upon request.


Made by hand

Alex Price is committed to making the finest furniture by skilled craftspeople. Many of these skills have been passed down generations and honed over years of practice. Every piece we make is unique and has its own characteristics.

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Hammered steel

The hammered effect used on the metal is based on French furniture from the turn of the 20th century. With this process each Indentation Is an Individual hammer strike. The process Involves the metal being removed bright and glowing from the furnace and is then struck hundreds of times leaving the metal with a beautiful and completely unique texture. The metal frame is then finished in black giving it a hardwearing beautiful but simple elegance.