All our Brass products are non lacquered and therefore will show a patina over time. This 'living finish' is intentional and is an inherent part of the design. If you wish to maintain the metal in its original finish and state, regular cleaning with our metal polish cloth will help to maintain the bright surface finish. Please also note our brass pieces may show casting marks such as putting, this is inherent from the items manufacture.   



 Our Matte black finish may show some small marks or imperfections that are inherent from the items design. To clean this finish a dry microfibre cloth is recommended. 



All the glass used in our lighting is hand blown and shaped in traditional wooden moulds. Small air bubbles and irregular thickness are common with this manufacturing method. 



The oak we use on our furniture is burnt using ancient Japanese techniques, we then coat the wood in oil to help protect the wood and give it a hardwearing finish. As wood acclimatises it is common to see the wood split and move slightly. To clean the wood we recommend only using a lightly damp cloth and to gently run the cloth following the wood grain.


For any further enquires please contact us.